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Frequently asked questions.

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How do I enroll on the Level 2 or Level 3 Fitness/Personal Trainer Courses?
There are two ways to enroll. Ideally the first option below:

1) Call us on 0751 373 5700 and speak with Hayley. She can enroll you over the phone. Tell you more about the qualification and make sure it's right for you. Enrolment usually take 20-minutes so please allow plenty of time. It's also a really nice time to answer any questions you have about progress a career in fitness. 

2) You can enroll online here <<< As soon as you've enrolled, student support will reach out via phone and email to arrange a call within 24-hours to introduce and orientate you with your course.
I’m having problems with my shopping basket/today's order, what should I do?
If you're having any technical issues with your shopping basket call us on 0751 373 5700 and we can help you complete your order straight away.

The office is open Monday - Thursday 8am - 7:30pm - Friday 8am - 6pm - Saturday 9am - 3pm - Sunday 9am - 1pm
What happens once I've enrolled on a Parallel Coaching Qualification/course?
As soon as you've enrolled you'll get a few things head your way:

1) a Welcome email, all your academy login details and key details about your course
2) You'll get instant and lifetime access to all the online study bootcamps associated to your course.
3) Student Support will reach out to book a call within 24-hours of enrolment if we haven't already spoken
4) Your physical course manual will be posted. As soon as you receive it we'll arrange a call to further orientate you with your studies.
5) You'll join the Parallel Coaching Inner Circle group.
Course payments, Deposits and Payment Plans?
There are a few ways you can pay for your course.

1) you can pay for you course outright when you enroll either online or via phone. 
2) you can secure your course via a £100 deposit and then continue with monthly payment that suit you. 
There is no interest (0% APR) added to your course. You can pay off more at any point if you wish.

All payment are taken securely using an online international payment gateway, offering you security and an instant receipt of payment. Parallel Coaching do not keep or hold any of your payment details. 
Can I complete the Level 3 Personal Training course in 6-weeks?
No. We do not offer short Personal Trainer courses. Our graduates are recognised as being the best in the industry because we prepare students to do more than just pass a qualification. The Level 2 Fitness Instructor Course is the pre-requisite for level 3 PT.  

Students normally take 8-weeks including home study and practical elements for level 2 fitness instructor with 4 live attendance days.

For Level 3 Personal Training qualification, most students take up to 3 months to fully qualify including home study and 6 attendance days. We  continue to up-skill them for another 1 month with a guided fitness business kick-starter programme. This diploma also includes home study and practical weekends to attend.
How long does it take to complete the L2 Fitness Instructor Qualification?
The typical time to complete your level 2 is around 3-months. If you can dedicate more time to learning you’ll finish sooner. An ideal journey is to enrol 6 to 8-week prior to the first weekend of attendance. This gives you plenty of time for guided home study before we meet. You'll then have 2-days with us in the classroom. Followed typically by a 2 to 3-week gap of guided home study. To then return for a further two days in the classroom. The second weekend holds all your practical assessments and exams.

Whilst you may find some providers offer fast tracked qualifications in 2-4 weeks, in our experience, we've found that you just won’t learn enough or gain enough practical coaching experience in such short time frames. This may leave you being thrown into the fitness industry without the appropriate skills and experience to really make it work.
Is the level 3 personal trainer course online?
Our level 3 personal trainer course is made up of the following:

# Online guided homes study via our revision bootcamps 
# Essential Practical Workshops (Held on weekends at our Milton Keynes Academy)
# Practical Face-to-face Assessments /Exams

Unlike other providers, our training isn’t merely a collection of online videos. It’s a comprehensive blend of e-learning and practical workshops, which we customise for each student based on their circumstances, time commitments and career goals.
What qualifications do you need to become a Level 2 Fitness Instructor?
If becoming a fitness instructor sounds like the right path for you, the minimum requirement to get started is a Level 2 Fitness Instructor Qualification. This course is your starting point within the fitness industry and from where you can continue to develop your career as a personal trainer. The Level 2 Fitness Instructor is the pre-requisite to progress on to the level 3 Personal Trainer Qualification.

All Parallel Coaching Qualifications are Active IQ and CIMSPA recognised. You’ll also want to make sure that the course you sign up for is accredited either by CIMSPA, as this is valued by most employers. 

This type of course gives you the theoretical and practical knowledge to safely and effectively work in gym, studio and health club environments.
What qualifications do you need to become a Level 3 Personal Trainer?
To become a Level 3 Personal Trainer you need an accredited and recognised qualification such as: 

Level 3 Personal Trainer Qualification. This qualification will give you everything you need to become a successful personal trainer. 

You can then progress on to further qualifications and become a specialist. Such as within, Exercise Referral, Low Back Pain or Obesity. 
What support will I receive during my course?
During your training, you will be supported by your dedicated tutor. You will also be given access to our Academy, a private study area that is personalised to the courses that you have chosen. You can contact Parallel Coaching 24/7 and your tutor will get back to you within 24 hours max (99%, usually the same day)

You'll also join our Parallel Coaching Inner Circle... a private FB group with thousands of other learners.
What happens if I fail my assessments/exams?
In the unfortunate event that you refer an assessment or exam, don't worry, we will fully support you to get back on track with your studies and do our utmost to ensure your reassessment is a success. Meaning you are confident and competent to pass. 

There are NO fees attached to re-assessments - unlike 99.9% of other training providers we don't see the need to charge you for not passing. This makes no sense. What we'd rather do is, SUPPORT you towards a confident pass and not have a financial barrier to your success.
What's the typical personal trainer salary?
Most people consider personal training to be an hourly rate, which it can be. Typically a personal trainer will charge between £25 and £60 an hour depending on location. However, on course we'll teach you how to set-up, market and sell a package/service rather than hourly rate. This is a more sustainable PT approach from a financial and results based perspective.

For more details read this exclusive research on personal trainer salary. READ NOW <<
Why Choose the Parallel Coaching qualifications and/or course?
When you're picking a personal training course provider, you need to make sure that they are reputable and will provide you with the training you need to start a successful career. Parallel Coaching have been with Active IQ since 2011 and as a tutor team, been teaching and assessing within fitness since 2008.

Our courses are more than simply ticking a few boxes, to become a personal trainer with Parallel Coaching means something in the industry with training that incorporates years of experience, innovative online learning and valuable hands-on practical experience. 

In fact, Research shows our graduates are respected and highly sought-after. We regularly seek employer feedback and build their requirements into our courses . Unlike other training providers, which provide their own accreditation, you’ll receive a genuine, industry-recognised accreditation from an Ofqual recognised Awarding Organisation; Active IQ.
I have forgotten my login and password
Don't Worry ... we all forget things!

You can get a new temporary password sent to you HERE 

Fill in your username/ email address, and we'll send you a temporary password straight away. NOTE: make sure you check your inbox and your spam folders
I haven't received my login details
Sorry to hear you are not able to access your login area.

The logins are automatically generated upon payment, so if you have a payment receipt then you will also have a login... we just need to find it! 

The chances are your email filters have stashed it away in the spam folder! I don't know why as it is far from rubbish 😉 

Anyway. Check your inbox and spam folder. If you still cannot find it, then please complete the support form above and we'll reset it manually for you.
I'm not sure if my payment was successful?
All online payments will send an automatic payment receipt to the email address you provided. Check your inbox and your spam folders. If you have the receipt, then you have definitely paid.

If you have paid twice, we can arrange a refund immediately - just send a message using this form above. 

If you have no receipt, but think you paid, we can double check that your email hasn't got lost in the ether so send us a message using the contact form above.

Please make your email address is REALLY clear... we usually find people have a typo on their email address and all the access logins and receipts are going to a non-existent email somewhere. Don't worry its easily fixed, just let us know by sending us a message.
I’m having problems with my shopping basket/today's order, what should I do?
If you're having any technical issues with your shopping basket call us on 0751 373 5700 and we can help you complete your order straight away.

The office is open Monday - Thursday 8am - 7:30pm - Friday 8am - 6pm - Saturday 9am - 3pm - Sunday 9am - 1pm
What happens if I fail my assessments?
In the unfortunate event that you refer an assessment or exam, don't worry, we will fully support you to get back on track with your training and do our utmost to ensure your reassessment is a success.

There are NO fee attached to re-assessments - unlike 99.9% of other training provider we don't see the need to charge you for not passing. This makes no sense. What we'd rather do is SUPPORT you towards a confident pass and not have a financial barrier to your success.
 Is there a deadline to complete my training?
Each individual module within your qualification/course has a specific deadline or time-frame of completion that must be achieved in order to pass. The aim of the deadlines are to encourage you to succeed and ensure that you become fully qualified. The overall deadline to complete all your courses is 2-years from when you purchased.
Can I take a break from my training if I need to?
Many of our students choose to take a study break before continuing due to a number of reasons. 

If there comes a time when you feel you need a break in your studies this can be arranged by contacting Hayley on 0751 373 5700 who will be able to guide you through your options. (Please note that extension or deferral fees may be applicable as per our Terms and Conditions agreed)
I want to refer a friend
Awesome!   Just drop us a message using the form above and we'll reach out straight away. If they join us, you will get a special gift!
I'm studying with another Training Provider - will the revision bootcamp be suitable?
YES, 100% - The Revision Mastery Bootcamp are mapped against all leading awarding bodies including Active IQ, CYQ, VTCT, Future Fit, Focus Awards, YMCA, Transcend Awards and NASM exams.

If you find learning & revision tough, can't get to grips with your course manual or clunky online learning then join 7500+ fitpros that have used our revision bootcamps to pass their exam first time or on their next resist.
Are there more assessments in the revision bootcamps?
There is no assessment in any of the Revision Mastery Bootcamps.

They are designed to leave you competent and confident for your fitness exams, with your current training provider.
Do I need internet to access the Revision Course
All of the resources are housed on our secure academy membership area, so you will need internet access to gain access to your revision bootcamp.

HOWEVER, you are able to download each video straight to MP3 or MP4, allowing you to save it to your phone/tablet/laptop and watch or listen over and over, even without internet access. 

Lots of students have used this when working out, driving, going for a walk… You can save time, so there is no excuses stopping you from passing your exam first time with confidence.
What will I learn and how does the revision bootcamp work?
Every bootcamp has 5 revision stations. Just like an outdoor fitness bootcamp has stations... you'll work through each revision station in a logical and progressed way. Let's take the Level 3 A&P bootcamp for example. 

Stations 1 and 2 get you clear on what's expected of you in your exam  and gives you a clear 4 and 8-week revision schedule. There's no more guessing what to learn and when. We'll hold you accountable to ensure you stay on track. 

Station 3:  Here's what's inside the L3 A&P for example. 

Module 1: The Heart & Circulatory System
Module 2: The Muscular System
Module 3: Muscle Locations, Origins & Insertions
Module 4: The Body In Motion
Module 5: Posture and Core
Module 6: The Nervous System
Module 7: The Endocrine System
Module 8: The Energy Systems

* Each tutorial has everything you MUST KNOW and learn. All tutorials are approx 45 to 60-minutes meaning you can learn everything in under 8-hours. 

* You can download cheat sheets next to each module. Guiding you to EXACTLY what comes up in the exam, with unseen mock questions, quizzes, and tests. 

* Press play, rewind, fast forwards,and pause and bring the classroom to your laptop or phone... plus download everything to MP3 and MP4 to learn offline.

* unpicking complex topics like muscles and remembering them first time. 

* Questions always come up. That's why we have a 24- hour turn-around policy on student support - have a question and we'll answer it. 

* 90% of peeps inside the revision bootcamp are taking their fitness course with another training provider yet need EXTRA help to guarantee that all-important exam pass. 

* There's NO MORE GUESSING as each module guides you to the key content from your course whether you're with:  Active IQ, YMCA, Focus Awards, VTCT, NASM, or transcend awards... we got you covered. 

* ​You get lifetime and instant access. Allowing you to learn, revise, and pass in under 8-hours, plus return back at any time to top up your knowledge. 

Our Happiness Guarantee which means we stand by our product 100%. No matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no and, no buts.

Lastly >>> Stations 4 and 5 gives you an exam strategy to ensure you score TOP MARKS and give you unseen mock questions. 

There's revision bootcamps for all fitness exams:  Ready to upgrade your revision? and ACE your exam. 
I’m having problems with my shopping basket/today's order, what should I do?
If you're having any technical issues with your shopping basket call us on 0751 373 5700 and we can help you complete your order straight away.

The office is open Monday - Thursday 8am - 7:30pm - Friday 8am - 6pm - Saturday 9am - 3pm - Sunday 9am - 1pm
Am I too old to become a Fitness Professional?
The average age of our Parallel Coaching learners is 42. We have an even 50/50 split between male and female on most courses. Over the past 8-years Parallel Coaching have specialised in helping people transform their career to something they really enjoy.  

We find most of our learners are seeking more out of a career or are returning back to the workplace after having children. Here's a recent blog:
Am I Too Old To Become a Personal Trainer? >> READ NOW
Are there any disadvantages to paying by instalments?
When paying by monthly instalments you must ensure that you have banked enough in advance to cover the cost of each installment. We ask for a minimum monthly payment of £100 and no interest is added at any point. If your bank detail should change you must inform Parallel Coaching asap to ensure your payment goes through. 
Do you price match?
No. Our prices are very competitive and you will receive more than just qualifications. In comparison, looking at the content of our courses and qualifications compared to others, we are confident that the quality and number of courses we offer outweigh those of other training providers.

Don't just take our word for it... Check out what other learners are saying: READ NOW
Does Parallel Coaching offer funding?
No. We don't provide any funding streams such as Career Development Loans and students funded under the MOD's Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service (ELCAS).

We do offer a 0% interest free payment plan and very competitive pricing.
Are your qualifications internationally recognised?
Our Active IQ Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 qualifications and courses are recognised by employers internationally and students can also work abroad with REPs and EREPs recognition. 

The International Confederation of Registers of Exercise Professionals (ICREPs) is a partnership between the various registration bodies which means qualifications gained in those countries are transferable and recognised: UK, Ireland, Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UAE, Canada.
Do I need any work experience or prior knowledge before starting my course?
No prior knowledge or work experience is needed to study any of our courses.
Do I need to be a CIMPSA member to become a FITPRO?
No, whilst we do recommend becoming a CIMSPA member, it is not compulsory for any fitness professional. You can still enjoy all of the benefits of being a fully fledged fitness professional without being a CIMSPA member.
Do you give me support for my online and/or face to face courses?
Yes, our extensive Tutor Support team are on hand by phone, email and Facebook to answer any questions that you may have about your training to ensure you are always fully supported and on track.
How long will the course take? How many hours should I study for per week?
We would ask how much time can you dedicate to your study? The more time available, the quicker you can complete your course/qualification. We recommend approximately 1 to 4-hours per week depending on your course.
How old do I have to be to take a course with you?
Anyone from the age of 16 can enrol and complete any of our non-practical e-learning courses. Practical courses can only be attended on or after your 18th birthday but can be enrolled on and booked in advance of this. 

Nb. Many gyms will accept applicants of 16 years of age, but be aware that if you are planning to work outside of clubs or leisure centres as a Personal Trainer, an Exercise to Music Instructor or a Pilates Teacher, you may not be eligible for the required insurance until you are 18 years old or over. 
What equipment will I need to study online?
You should find it very straightforward to use and study via our Academy e-learning. All you need is a PC, laptop or Mac, tablet or smart phone. A reliable internet connection, headphones or speakers (some courses contain video), and a printer for printing resources (optional). 

In order to get the best results from your e-learning, we recommend that you use a device that is less than four years old with a recent version of Windows or MacOS. We also suggest that you use Google Chrome as your default browser. 

Our courses will run on smartphones and tablets. However, we strongly recommend that you use a computer or laptop as your main device for studying. Apart from the small screen on a smartphone, writing notes and case studies on a virtual keyboard can be frustrating. Also, streaming e-learning can be a drain on your battery and won’t provide an ideal viewing or learning experience. 

In summary, a computer or laptop in a quiet room will enable you to get the best results from your studying.
Who awards the Parallel Coaching Qualifications?
The qualification you’ll receive at the end of your course will be awarded by Active IQ. Active IQ are industry leaders in the health, well-being and fitness sector

Active IQ and Parallel Coaching are proud to be recognised by Ofqual as a regulated and industry specialist awarding organisation. Our courses are also fully CIMSPA approved. Meaning you will work in a respected industry, where standards are regulated, and your qualifications are valued.
Our #1 priority here at Parallel Coaching is your Happiness. 

Which means we stand by our product 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no ands, no buts. 

If you have a problem, we will solve it. Refund it. Give you 121 revision coaching. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our customer happiness team:
We're here to help. Happiness. Guaranteed.
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